Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dawn of a new day

Now that wifi is all set up in our apartment, I can post more regularly. The last post I wrote Tuesday morning but couldn't post until now. So here is my update.

My last two days have been filled with curiosity and general good humor when I am not being tortured in my class. Bengali is so difficult! But I'll write more on that later.

My nights are filled with sheer terror from the cockroaches. Apparently, those little ones I saw yesterday were only the babies! Last night mommy was out when I went for my midnight bathroom run. Rosel and his wife, who live next door, cook for the group here in the flat I share with Bethany. I am such a baby about this, I had them come and kill momma roach when they arrived at 6 AM. Rosel made his wife go in after it, she smashed it and carried it out. What a woman! She sprayed my bathroom and put down poison chalk, so maybe tonight I can pee in peace. Enough roach talk.

Most fun...riding rickshaws. It is a combination between an amusement park ride, a refreshing outdoor jaunt and a near death experience. All for the equivalent of about $.50 dependending on your bargaining savvy. I'm not very good yet, so I paid $.75. See picture at right (dani).

I refer to the heat as "the wall". You would figure 90 - 95 degrees is hot, but humidity is like no other place I've been. It's hot. I have purchased a couple of salwar chamise's, a traditional outfit, which are surprisingly cool and comfortable; 150,000,000 Bengalis can't be wrong.

I will try to be more diligent with the camera now that I am up and blogging. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Amy! I feel for you with the cockroaches! Ick!

  2. Maybe you should have gotten bear traps instead of roach traps! I'm sorry there are so many, but refreshed that there is actually something that knocks you for a loop. :-)
    They have to all die eventually, don't they?
    Have you thought "bedpan" yet?
    Can't wait for the next post! Love you!

  3. That was my first thought...those roach traps are smaller than the roaches! Some of the other student flats have much worse problems. They have been putting down poison, so the sightings are lessening. But I know that somewhere near, creatures such as this live. Bed pan has crossed my mind. I have stayed resiliant and braved the mid-night run with no event the past two nights, whew!