Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's been one week...

Bad news: I got a D on my first test :(
Good news: we have a test every week so there is plenty of time to learn more!
I actually do feel like I am learning more now. I don’t feel as lost. I almost have the entire alphabet memorized; next I have to work on my conjuncts. They have like 100 conjuncts, two or more letters joined to make an entirely new letter, uhg! Yesterday I downloaded a Bengali script typeface so I can type in Bengali, check this out:
আমি বাংলা শিখছি। (I am learning Bengla)

I think that is pretty cool!

Today I meet with my language partner, Anita. It will be like reading with a kindergartener! Actually, I want to buy some children’s books. Like the Bangla Dick and Jane. You gotta start somewhere!

This week is a lot less busy than last week. I started running and swimming in the mornings. There are actually many people out at 5 AM walking. It is something to see a group of fully covered women speed walking in their Nikes. Just as I am not down with eating with my hands, I can’t exercise in the traditional suit (it is 90 degrees at 5 AM!) I ran, shorts and all. Just when I was finishing up, I passed an older woman who was fully covered. She covered her eyes with her hand when she saw my legs. Legs are definitely indecent here.

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