Friday, June 19, 2009

There is always more to learn

My beautiful and talented language partner, Anita, helped me study this afternoon. Hopefully, I will not panic and forget everything for my test on Sunday. Here is a picture from her cousin's wedding. Anita is on the far left. The Bangadeshi really know how to celebrate!

We had two amazing lectures this week. The first was with Anisuzziman, an old (92 years old!) guy who was very influential in the 1952 language movement. During that time he was a student at Dhaka University and published a pamphlet on the rights of Bangladeshis to have Bangla as their official langauge (at that time Bangladesh was East Pakistan). This movement united the people and eventually led to the liberation war in 1971. On Wednesday we had a decorated officer, Shamsher Chowdhury, from the liberation war (he was also the Ambassador of Bangladesh in the US and many other countries). His lecture gave insight into the issues Bangladesh was faced from the time of their indepence. These were both incredibly interesting and insightful lectures. This program is top notch.

Tomorrow evening we have a party at an artist's house, which will be a pleasant diversion (see artist's link here). The remainder of the weekend will be to study, study, study!

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