Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Edge of Reason

Greetings from our nation’s capital! Washington has been wet, but wonderful none the less. After 8 hours, I am feeling fully oriented and ready to take on this new adventure! We have spoken to many people today from the State Department, the Bangladesh Embassy, and other organizations. I am confident that the experience will be wholly gratifying. The Bangla people, as expressed through the personal experience of our speakers, are an extremely friendly and welcoming culture. The country is portrayed as relatively safe and secure if we following typical common sense that any traveler should abide by.

I was surprised to find the group is very small, only 14 of us adventurous souls traveling to Dhaka. Two members of the group also participated last year; a willingness to return is a good sign! Unfortunately, I am the oldest member…by about a decade and a half, ouch! And when they caught me knitting at the meeting, they quickly reminded me I was acting my age! They obviously don’t know me very well! I am determined not to be anyone’s den-mother! The group represents a diversity of disciplines. However, we all a share a similar reason for choosing Bangladesh, which is mostly for the weirdness! Ah, kindred spirits!

So I begin this journey with my first post from the edge of reason, Washington D.C. We depart for the airport at 6 PM tomorrow. After that all posts will be from beyond; Dhaka, Bangladesh! Bon Voyage!

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