Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day in Old Dhaka

Check out the pictures from our cultural excursion to Old Dhaka on Saturday. There are also a couple of street scenes taken from the ride down there. This city is HUGE! Old Dhaka is the heart and soul of the whole city. Although it doesn't seem it to me the area that we are staying in, Baridhara, Gulshan, and Banani, were refered to as a "foreigner's ghetto" in the Lonely Planet guide. That is not the case in Old Dhaka. Also, this is were all of the city industry is evident. Lots of shops for home repairs, second run clothing from the garment factories, watches, sunglasses, all by the bizzillions.

Since we were eating in Old Dhaka, I thought this would be a good time to eat the way the Bengalis do, sans fork. I had been reluctant to try this cultural custom. Well now I can say it is just a bad idea. A fork you can put down if you would like to say, pour more water, take a little eating break, wipe you hair from your eye. Needless to say, you cannot put your greasy, rice laden hand (napkins are not provided). You are just stuck with this mess. So then all of the other little meal-time activities must be accomplished with your clean hand. Not very efficient. There is a large sink-trough where everyone can communally wash, or spit as the case may be. So this custom is not for me, some kind of a utensil is required here.

I was woken this morning at 2 AM by the pain of a large mosquito bite on my forehead. It doesn't hurt now, but it's the size of a quarter! I'll be on the lookout for any malaria symtoms.

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